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Red Reposter - 6/1/09

  • Well crap.  That was a real kick in the guts.  Hall o' Famer Hal, The FayCSG, and Sister Daedalus are all lamenting this lost weekend in Milwaukee. 
  • Fay had some time to kill so he took questions from his readers.  Some highlights:  When asked if Jocketty is lamenting not getting Priority Number One, Fay says he doesnt think the money was there for such an acquisition.  He thinks Frazier and Heisey both will be in AAA soon, and Owings is probably not on the hot seat, but might be soon if he keeps this up. 
  • Redleg Nation has another installment of their Emmy Award-winning podcast.  They discuss the state of the team 2 months into the season.
  • With Votto going on the DL, the Reds are pretty sore for hitters.  But dont expect Edwin Encarnacion to come back before he is ready to.  I expect him to hit the road in a few days and get some work in in the minors. 
  • Hal wonders why we fans arent coming out to see the Reds.  The Brewers sold out all three games this weekend and Hal wants to know what's so different about them.  It's pretty obvious to me:  the Brewers made the playoffs last year and the Reds havent since '95.
  • Doug at RML looks at a few more draft prospects, Jacob Turner and Zack Wheeler.  He's no Thundering Turtle (obviously), but the guy does some good work :)
  • The Fay passes on this link to an article about Khalil Greene and his issues with anxiety.  No idea if  this is anything like what Votto is going through, but I dont know.  This just plain sucks for Joey.
  • Edinson Volquez will come off the DL tonight to start and it couldnt be soon enough for him.  Carlos Fisher may be the guy sent down, but he's been electric in his 3 appearances.  
  • THT looks at the most exciting play in baseball; the inside-the-park homerun.
  • FanGraphs reviews the Reds recent draft history.  Thanks to Snake the Jake for the FanShot.