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Red Reposter - 5/8/09

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  • So the big news today is that Dusty Baker has a new starting left fielder.  Laynce Nix will officially take over for the struggling Chris Dickerson as the left-handed half of the platoon. 
  • Update on Alex Gonzalez' injury:  He plans to start swinging a bat today and be in the lineup this weekend.  But Dusty says he likely wont be back until the series in San Diego (next Friday).  For those of you keeping track, if Gonzo is indeed inactive until Friday, that would mean he would miss 10 days.  The minimum DL stint is 15 days.
  • RedlegNation has their latest podcast of RedlegNationRadio.  
  • OMGreds argues that Ramon Hernandez has been one of the most important reasons for the Reds success so far this year.  Ramon has hit .280/.326/.420 (almost identical to his projections) and he's gunned down 38% of would-be basestealers. 
  • Craig Calcaterra asks the question that no one wants to ask:  how do we know for sure that Jr is clean?
  • For those of you who had Bob Melvin in the office "Who's the First Manager to Get Canned?" pool, congratulations.
  • Dan Turkenkopf at THT takes a look at waste pitches.  Here is part 2.
  • SI's Ted Keith ranks the Reds at 14th again this week.