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Red Reposter - 5/6/09

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  • Joey Votto Bobblehead Day is Saturday.  In case you havent been paying attention,  Votto is hitting .378/.470/.571.  That's an OPS of 1.041.  He's walked 18 times and struck out only 20 times.  His wOBA is .450, good for 12th in all of MLB.  He is goood.  Put an extra O on there 'cause he's soo goood.
  • Brandon Phillips ponders the Marlins intentional walk of Votto to pitch to him:  "It makes you think sometimes when they walk a guy in front of you," Phillips said. "The funny thing about it everybody pays attention to average. Maybe they walked me because of right-on-right or maybe because my batting average is lower than Joey's. I would have done the same thing. But you've got to realize I'm a good hitter. I try to go out there and battle. I tried to show them don't do it again, please."
  • Florida's pitching coach Mark Wiley had some high praise for Edinson Volquez last night:  “This guy is like Pedro Martinez in those couple of years when he was outstanding and you couldn’t touch him,” said Wiley. “He made career .300 hitters look like they’d never swung a bat before and this guy did that tonight against us.”
  • The next time David Weathers takes the mound, he will tie Cy Young on the all time list of appearances for a pitcher at 906.  Stormy at his finest:  "Amazingly during all those times, through the highs and the lows, whether starting and relieving, he doesn't recall ever having any significant arm trouble.  "Lot of head trouble, though," he said, smiling."
  • Neither Baker nor Janish begrudge Hanley Ramirez for his hard slide in the 14th on Monday that caused Janish's throw to be in the dirt and the winning run to score.  Also, Alex Gonzalez received a cortizone shot yesterday for his strained oblique and will be re-evaluated today.  No word yet on whether or not he will need to go on the DL.
  • Jack McKeon still wants to manage in the majors. 
  • Zack Greinke is making the American League look like little league, and FanGraphs takes a look at other pitchers in history with similar streaks of dominance.  The featured comparsion?  The Reds' Jose Rijo.  From '88 to '89, Rijo had a stretch of 10 starts where his ERA was 0.68.  Unfortunately though, he only earned the W in 3 of those games.  It's a song we know too well 'round here.
  • Roberto Alomar's wife has dropped her lawsuit against him.  If you remember, she alleged that he had unprotected sex with her even though he knew he had AIDS.  Alomar said she was crazy and he doesnt have AIDS.  But apparently she's dropped the suit.  Oh yeah, and she's a competitive arm wrestler.  HT to BBTF for this one.