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Red Reposter - 5/5/09

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  • The big news from last night's marathon game is that Alex Gonzalez is likely headed to the DL. Strained obliques are strange injuries, and it could be 2 weeks or 2 months before he's ready to go again. Gonzo is heading back to Cincy today to see Doc Kremchek, so maybe we'll know more this evening.
  • I found these next two stories very interesting when taken together. This first one has Dusty Baker reassuring Laynce Nix that he'll get him some playing time when he can. He also says he spoke with Jerry Hairston and told him he will be starting at 3B today and tomorrow (though that could change with the injury to Gonzo). Here's the quote from Dusty: "I talk to all my players, tell them when they are going to play and when they aren't," Baker said. "I went through a lot of my career when the manager never talked to me, never told me anything, and I never forgot that." Sounds like quite the player's manager, huh?
  • Then there is this. Dusty says last night's loss was the hardest yet this season, ending on an error like it did. He says the error went to Janish, but it was really Daniel Ray Herrera's fault. "Daniel was late getting to the bag," Baker said. "We work on it all the time. He broke late. Janish was going for the double play. If he holds the ball, it's first and third, one out." What kind of manager throws his young pitcher under the bus like that!?
  • Also in that blogpost, Fay speculates on who could come up to replace Gonzo. It is really anyone's guess, as Drew Sutton (apparently on the DL with mono) and Juan Francisco (apparently not hitting anything) are the only infielders left on the 40-man. Wilkin Castillo is also on the 40-man, but he hasnt hit at all so far this year. Fay says Chris Valaika is "the obvious choice", but he's not hitting either and isnt on the 40-man. Tell me who you think the Reds should bring up in today's poll.
  • This last turn through the rotation the Reds have thrown 3 shutouts and a 2-run effort. More please.
  • RedlegNation gives us an update on Homer Bailey and continues to bang the drum for him to join the Reds bullpen.
  • Dusty says he is sticking by Chris Dickerson, even in light of the fact that Laynce Nix is off to a better start. "I ain't no front-runner,"he says.
  • OMGreds fondly remembers Jorge Cantu's short stint with the Reds.
  • The Hardball Times has their weekly rankings up, and the Reds come in 19th.