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Red Reposter - 5/4/09

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  • Remember back in Houston when Johnny Cueto was pulled in the middle of the 5th inning after walking in a run? He had struck out 9 up to that point in the game, but that 5th inning saw him walk the pitcher Roy Oswalt and then walk in a run for a total of 6 walks in the game. Dusty Baker says he wasnt trying to teach him a lesson, but only trying to win the game. Since that start, Cueto has pitched 22 innings and given up only 2 runs, while striking out 17.
  • Hall o' Famer Hal tells us Adam Rosales was supposed to hit 2nd yesterday, but Dusty thought better of it. Baker said, "Let’s not put undue pressure on the young man so fast. There are a lot of things to do at No. 2. Rosales is not a taker yet and we need that with Willy Taveras batting ahead of him." I wholeheartedly agree. Dickerson's patience is a valuable asset in front of Votto. There was also this little ancedote, which gave me a good chuckle:

Dan Hoard, radio voice of the Pawtucket Red Sox in the International League, told Baker that Dusty Brown, a player for the PawSox is named after him. Said Baker, "That’s humbling. I’ve heard of a few people named after me, but mostly it’s dogs and cats. People write me letters saying they named their cat after me. Mostly it’s animals named after me."

  • Hitting coach Brook Jacoby isnt worried about the paltry hitting. The Reds had 14 hits in Saturday's game.
  • The Reds are 5-1 in "getaway day" games, the last game of a series.
  • Red Hot Mama wants everyone to know that Johnny Cueto is going to be a Cy Young candidate this year.
  • The A's and Mariners played into the 15th inning yesterday in a wild, wild game. Take a look at the FanGraphs win probability graph for it:



    • Jon Heyman tells us the Nationals are planning on taking Stephen Strasburg with the 1st pick in the draft next month. Not that I'm surprised, I mean, the dude is far-and-away the best talent available this year, but Nats fans need that team to do something, ANYTHING, right. This could bode well for them.
    • This one shocked me, and I'm kinda sad that it did. Yankees manager Joe Girardi defended Alex-Rod from the latest salvo on his already tarnished image. Girardi says there have been plenty of things he's done wrong in his life, and he cant see why anyone would want to write a book about someone like this. It shocks me to see such humanity in this situation. And I'm sad that a little humanity can come as such a surprise to me. As Girardi puts it, "This man (Alex-Rod) wants to be a father, too."

      Selena Roberts, the author of the new book "A-Rod", was on the Today Show this morning and I caught most of the interview. She struck as someone with an axe to grind. It seemed like she was evangelizing against Alex-Rod. I wasnt going to buy the book anyway.
    • I'm gonna try a poll question here for the Reposter. We'll see if it floats. If you like it we might just do it more often.