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Red Reposter - 5/29/09

  • Bronson Arroyo on the upcoming roadtrip: “Both Milwaukee and St. Louis are playing good ball and we haven’t been in this position for a long time,” he added. “It’s not do-or-die because we’re playing pretty good, but it would be nice to take two of three and split with St. Louis to come off the road with a winning record.” I like this. I know Im all fired up about the recent winning ways, and I want to see the Reds tear through the Brewers and Cards and come home with an 11 game winning streak, but I should probably be more realisitic. A winning road trip here would be big time.
  • The Fay asks how you think the Reds will do on the trip. What do you think?
  • Jonny Gomes has a silver tongue to match his bat: "...I'm five lousy at-bats away from people not talking to me or possibly wondering if my jersey will still be hung up in my locker. This game is big peaks and valleys. You definitely have to find the happy medium with both of them. You can't keep your head in the sand in the valleys nor your head in the clouds for the peaks."
  • Jay Bruce is still only 22 years young. We need to remember that. But check it; the dude is only the third Red in the last 40 years to hit 2 homers and a triple in the same game. Barry Larkin and Cesar Cedeno were the others.
  • Sister Daedalus says Edwin Encarnacion has to be the unquestionable 3B of this team when he gets back off the DL. Chad at RLN picks up the banner as well. They get no argument from me.
  • Doug at RML continues his profiles of possible Reds' draft picks with a look at UNC pitcher Alex White.
  • Ted Keith at SI has his power rankings up for the week, and the Reds have risen to 10th.