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Red Reposter - 5/27/09

  • Joey Votto is beyond all superlatives at this point.  "Today (yesterday) was probably the first game that I felt pretty good."  Since he came back from the flu on May 10th, Votto has hit .333/.500/1.048 with 5 HRs and a 3/9 K/BB ratio in 28 PAs.  If this is how he hits when he's not feeling well...I'm seriously gonna freak out.
  • Laynce and Jayson Nix both homered last night, joining a select group of brothers to homer on the the same night.  I LIKE TO DAYNCE!!
  • Fay tells us Brandon Phillips took some fielding practice and hit a bit yesterday, and was available to pinch hit if needed.  Walt says he should be ready to get back at it by Friday or Saturday.
  • Aaron Harang says his arm feels fine after that crazy rain delay game on Monday.  "I think there have been times I've been more sore after a regular start than that one," he said.  I'm not too worried about him, but I'll wait to see how his next 3 starts or so turn out before I let it go.
  • Did you know Willy Taveras leads this team in hits and runs scored?  I didnt either.  He's doing just about what I expected him to do this season, with a line of .273/.333/.345 so far, but before this recent 6-44 skid, he was hitting .322/.382/.413.  If he can get out of this funk and get his OBP up around .350, he's a purty good leadoff guy.  I know I was one of the most vocal detractors of him when the Reds signed him (and I still dont like the 2-year deal), but I'm starting to change my mind on him.
  • Dusty Baker hinted that Ramon Hernandez will get a breather today, saying he's been "dragging".  So all your HaniganFans out there can rest assured that he is NOT Arroyo's personal catcher.  He's just going to catch tonight because Hernandez is dragging.
  • RedLegNation points us to Lance McAllister's blog (I had trouble opening up Lance's blog so RLN is the only link you'll get here) where he compares two young pitchers.  It kinda surprised me.
  • Minor League Notebook updates the Southern League Leaderboard, where Chris Heisey shows up more than Tyler Perry (was anyone else beside themselves when he showed up in Star Trek?).  Jordan Smith and Travis Wood are also playing some good ball down there in Carolina. 
  • Harry Pavlidis at THT takes a look at the pitchers who best work the outside corner.  Lefty Smurf himself Danny Ray Herrera is in the top 5.  Dude is a bona fide lefty slayer.
  • Coco Cordero is looking like one of the best closers in the NL so far this year.  He's not worth 12 mil a year, but I'm still glad that he is the anchor of this bullpen. 
  • You havent been voting enough!!