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Red Reposter - 5/26/09

  • Jeff at Redlegs Rundown isnt too happy with Homer Bailey.  After his bad performance on Saturday earned him yet another ticket to Louisville, Bailey lamented "I don't think it would have mattered (if I pitched well)".  Jeff takes this as yet another example of Homer's stubbornness, unwilling to accept that his demotion was due to his lack of performance and was more to do with the Reds' alleged pattern of disprespect towards him. 

    I get what Jeff is saying here.  Im not so sure that that is what Homer is really saying here, but Im not sure it isnt either.  My take on it is that the Reds told Homer that this was a spot-start, and they are very appreciative of his efforts.  But with Volquez coming off the DL by the end of the week there would be no place left for Homer, even if he threw a complete-game shutout.  I think Homer was just resigned to the fact that he had yet to earn his spot in the rotation and this start could do nothing to change that with the way the rest of the guys are throwing.  Of course, it could just as easily be the case that he is super pissed about it and was pouting.  But after the way he handled himself in Spring Training, Im willing to believe that Homer has turned that leaf over.
  • Red Hot Mama gives us a "State of the Reds" address.  In summary, she likes them.
  • Here's another article about Micah Owings being a great hitting pitcher.  Livan Hernandez, who played with Owings in Arizona in '07, had this to say about him:  "I never saw anyone like him.  He had so much power. He could hit it out to left or right or center. He could be the first pitcher in the big leagues to hit 20 home runs, really. He could hit four in one game. He's so good. I'm telling you, you've got to see him in BP."
  • Injury updates from Fay:  Nick Masset will probably come off the DL today after his oblique strain.  The big question is who is going to be dropped to make room for him?  Jared Burton is probably my choice, as the dude has just not put it together yet this year.  He's got options so he can be sent down to AAA without any hassle.  Carlos Fisher is the new kid, so he might be sent right back down.  But he's thrown 3 scoreless innings since he came up, so I'd like to see more of him.  Mike Lincoln has been awful too, but with the ink still wet on his 2-year 4 mil contract I doubt they cut him already.  If I had a guess though, I'd guess they send down Fisher.

    Fay says Volquez is ready too, as he threw a 'pen session yesterday without any complications.  He'll be eligible to return next Monday.  As for Brandon Phillips and his sore thumb, he says he'll be ready to go once the swelling goes down.  He doesnt want to go on the DL.  He hit off the tee yesterday and reported only a little pain and swelling.  From the same article, Edwin Encarnacion also hit off the tee on Monday.  "It's been a long time for me," Encarnacion said. "I've never had to wait that long to swing. It's feeling a lot better. It's getting strong, and I'm working hard to get it stronger."
  • FanGraphs has an update on their UZR leaders and losers and Brandon Phillips has climbed to the top of the heap among 2nd basemen.
  • This is really unusual:  an article written about Adam Dunn's tremendous leadership and work ethic.  I think my brain is swelling.  (hattip to Shysterball)