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Bronson Arroyo's Yearly Cycle

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Bronson Arroyo definitely has his ups and downs.
Bronson Arroyo definitely has his ups and downs.

There is a tendency for many to get their dander up about Bronson Arroyo and demand for his departure ASAP.  I just want to say that now is not the time to dump the man with the golden locks of hair.  If history is any indicator, things are going to start getting better real soon.

As you can see from the chart, Arroyo moves in a very cyclical fashion.  He's good for a few games and then struggles for a few, but ultimately settles down around the same level over the course of a season.  We're hopefully just in one of the bad stretches right now, and perhaps Arroyo is on his way to putting up some good numbers for a stretch.

And while it would be nice if Arroyo could just be consistently good, there are some indications that the style of "average pitcher" that Arroyo is can be more beneficial to the team.