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UPDATE: We Will Be Seeing Homer Bailey on Saturday

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UPDATE from Slyde: Just minutes after I originally posted this the Reds announced that Bailey will be called to pitch on Saturday and Edinson Volquez will go on the DL.

Let me run this set of facts by you...

1. Ramon Ramirez was called up to take the place of Nick Massett in the bullpen.

2. Edinson Volquez tweaks his back and declares that he will have to miss a start.

3. Ramirez is named as the starter for Saturday's game, which was when Volquez was expected to start.

4. Micah Owings has a bad outing and the Reds need a long reliever in this afternoon's game. Ramirez ends up being that long reliever.

5. Ramirez is no longer available to start on Saturday.

6. Homer Bailey is scheduled to start for Louisville on Saturday.

These set of facts can lead one to the very obvious conclusion - Homer Bailey will be called up to start for the Reds on Saturday.

I think it's obvious that we'll be seeing just the sixth Red to start a game for the team some time this weekend. There are two obvious possibilities from Louisville in Bailey and left-hander Matt Maloney. Maloney could be called up to pitch tomorrow, on normal rest, allowing Bronson Arroyo to be pushed back to 5 days of rest. The other option is to let Arroyo go on 4-days rest on Friday (the normal amount of rest in a 5-man rotation) and then pitch Bailey on Saturday. In either case, I believe that Volquez is likely to go on the disabled list since the off-day next Thursday means the Reds only need to cover one of his starts.

Here's a comparison of Maloney and Bailey's numbers this year in Louisville:

Maloney: 44.1 IP, 44 H, 3 HR, 6 BB, 38 K, 2.66 ERA, 1.14 WHIP
Bailey: 45.1 IP, 46 H, 9 HR, 17 BB, 43 K, 4.60 ERA, 1.40 WHIP

One thing to keep in mind, and one reason the Reds might be skittish about bringing up Maloney, is that he hasn't looked good in either of the last two Spring Trainings. There has to be concern as to whether or not he can get big league hitters out. I'm not saying that this is reasonable justification. Just pointing out why this may not be an obvious decision for the Reds.

So who do you think it should be? Maloney, with Arroyo on 5 days rest, or Bailey, with Arroyo 4 days rest?