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Red Reposter - 5/21/09

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  • Aaron Harang is a saint.  He single-handedly lifted the 4-game curse from the Reds, holding the Phils to 4 hits and 1 run over 7 innings.  Gary Matthews Sr, a announcer for the Phillies, had this to say about him: “Man, he was something else.  When you face him, you better strap it on.”
  • Did you know Jay Bruce is only 22 years old?  Really, I forget that sometimes.  I feel like he's been here for years.  Bruce's batting average is down to .239, and he isnt happy about that. "I feel like I'm a complete hitter and that's what I will be," Bruce said. "I don't feel like I will be all power and no average. I want to have both. It's just about learning and getting experience and becoming a better baseball player."  He doesnt sound 22...
  • Injury updates:  Volquez felt his back twinge in his side-session yesterday, and says he wont be able to go on his next scheduled start on Friday.  So Baker pushed him back to Saturday.  Volquez doesnt think he'll be able to make it then either.  He probably wont pitch at all this weekend, but I guess Baker wants to try to keep the Indians guessing.  But they've been doing that all season.

    Of course, I wrote all this before I saw this from Hal.  It will be Ramirez to go on Saturday and Volquez will sit. 

    The Reds will also tell us what's up with Joey Votto today.  He was tested like a law school student over the past few days and it doesnt seem that anything was found.  Bruce talked to him and said he feels better.  I guess we'll find out soon.
  • FanGraphs has added pitch-type linear weights to their player stats pages.  The numbers are average runs per 100 pitches, so for every 100 fastballs that Johnny Cueto throws this season he is 8.9 runs above average (that is good).  At least, I think that's how this works.  Please correct me if I've interpreted this wrong.  Justin the Basement Dweller is pretty psyched about it, as he's already put together a table showing these numbers for the Reds pitchers.