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Red Reposter - 5/20/09

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  • Mark Sheldon talked to Dusty Baker about the recently frozen Willy Taveras, who is 0-18 since his 14-game hitting streak ended:  "He was so hot. There's no explanation."
  • Hall o' Famer Hal is on the "Bring up Jonny Gomes" bandwagon.  I sincerely believe that Darnell McDonald is not long for this team, but frankly he's been here too long as it is.  They'll cut him soon, but it wont be soon enough.  Chalk another one up to lethargic roster management.
  • Speaking of D-Mac, Sheldon also talked to Baker about Ramon Ramirez, who was recently promoted to take the spot of the injured Nick Masset.  Sheldon asks why Ramirez and not Pedro Viola, who has been throwing well down in AAA, was the one called up.  Baker's reply:  "We threw around Viola.  He's doing pretty good. He's a little inconsistent. He's coming fast but we would have had to take a chance on losing someone by taking them off [the 40-man roster] in order to get Viola on. There were no names we could come up with."
  • Still no word on Joey Votto.  He'll undergo more tests today.  Color me concerned.  Big League Stew is too.
  • Jay Bruce posted a video on his blog about all the nicknames he's collected.  Hattip to Red Hot Mama for this one, and I apologize for not linking.  My work server says your site is "malicious" and wont let me access it.  Maybe "snippy", "spiteful", and "opinionated", but I wouldnt say "malicious"...
  • Ken Rosenthal has a blurb on Laynce Nix:  "Nix, 28, has since become the Reds' regular left fielder, producing 14 extra-base hits in his first 68 at-bats. Brewers GM Doug Melvin, who drafted Nix in Texas and traded for him with Milwaukee, still believes that he can be a late bloomer in the Ryan Ludwick-Carlos Pena mold."
  • In Brewers news, They are not looking to pick up a second baseman in the wake of Rickie Weeks' season-ending wrist injury.  They seem to think Craig Counsell and others can handle the job.  Thom Brennaman agrees.
  • Congratulations to Todd Helton, who recorded his 2000th career hit last night.  Every single one of them have been with the Rockies.  You know, he kinda reminds me of an older Joey Votto.