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Red Reposter - 5/19/09

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  • Mark Sheldon has re-opened his mailbag, which is now call the "inbox".  He says Arroyo would be a great trade chip this summer, but only if the Reds are way out of it.  He also thinks Gonzo and Encarnacion are safe in their starting positons, even coming off injuries and ineffectiveness.  
  • Fay says Dusty Baker is being criticized even more than Bob Boone or Jerry Narron ever was.  Chad from RLN thinks that's redonculous, and so do I.  Baker certainly isnt beloved by Reds fans, especially 'round these parts, but I am thankful everyday that he is wearing Red instead of Boone or Narron.  I dont believe the manager is really that important to winning or losing games, but Baker is certainly doing better than those two poor souls ever did.
  • Doug at RML takes a look at top prospect Yonder Alonso's performance so far in the pitcher's paradise Florida State League.  The kid looks like quite a stud.
  • Hattip to Doug on this one too:  JJ Cooper at Baseball America has not given up hope on Homer Bailey, and neither have I. 
  • FanGraphs gives us their UZR leader and loser boards so far this year, and Joey Votto shows up as the 3rd worst first baseman and Jay Bruce is the 2nd best corner OF.  Of course, these are extremely small sample sizes so it's really more for amusement than information.
  • Red Reposter News From Hell:  Shysterball tells us tonight is Gluttony Night for the Reading Phillies.  For $12, you get all-you-can-eat fries, pizza, hot dogs, you name it. 
  • MLB and FOX have decided to start playoff games earlier this year.  Playoff games havent started before 8:00PM since 1975, when the Red Sox won the series on Pudge Fisk's homer...PSYCH!!!!
  • And I posted this in yesterday's Reposter as a comment, but I wanted to bring it up again.  Ryan Wagner is retiring from baseball at age 26.  His shoulder just wont work for him anymore.