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Red Reposter - 5/18/09

  • John Fay is getting the week off.  Not because he wants it, but because Gannett (the company that owns the Enquirer) is enforcing mandatory furlows for all employees.  Fay does not sound thrilled by this (obviously).  Try to enjoy the week off John and we here at the Reposter will do our best to get by without you.  Fay really is one of the best resources we have for these little daily pieces here at Red Reporter and it's gonna suck to be without his services for a week.  But in the meantime, Tom Groeschen will be filling in.
  • Injury updates:  Joey Votto will see a doctor today about the dizzy spells he experienced in Arizona and San Diego.  He left Wednesday's game in Arizona and didnt play Thursday, then left the game again on Saturday and didnt play Sunday.  Votto says Saturday wasnt as bad as Thursday, but he doesnt really know how concerned to be about it.  Hopefully they can figure out what's wrong with him because this team cannot afford to lose it's best hitter.

    Also, Edinson Volquez originally injured his back bounding up two steps at a time on a staircase.  Baker says they are working on him, but gives no indication whether he will make his next regular start or not. 
  • Nick Masset is also injured, battling an oblique strain.  In case you missed the game threads from this weekend, many Red Reporters are beside themselves over this one.  According to this article, Masset has been sidelined since May 7th.  That was 3 full days BEFORE this west-coast trip.  Why would the Reds choose to go short-handed on a road trip like that?  With Alex Gonzalez in the same situation, no less?  The most dumbfounding part though is that Baker says Masset is another 5-7 days away.  That means he wont pitch for at least 15 days, which is exactly what a DL stint would limit him to.  This already bit the team in the ass in Saturday's 16 inning crapfest, when starter Micah Owings was drafted into the long-man role because of Masset's injury.

    So why are the Reds choosing to go short-handed in the 'pen after a 16 inning game with the Champion Phillies coming to town?  Baker has not given a straight answer as to why they are so reluctant to DL Masset, but he does say this: "It's going to be at least 5-7 days before he can pitch again, so we can't go against Philly and Cleveland short-handed," Baker said. "[Those teams] are so left-handed dominant, we probably need another left-hander."  This continued reluctance to use the DL, especially for guys who are not integral to the success of the team, is simply maddening.  Chad at RLN agrees.
  • Minor League Notebook has updated leaderboards for the AA Southern League.  CF Chris Heisey is at or near the top of nearly every offensive category.  I was very excited about the Mudcats team this year, with a number of the Reds top prospects starting there.  I expected big things from Todd Frazier, Juan Francisco, Dallas Buck, Travis Wood, and Zach Cozart, but I honestly did not see Heisey coming.  He's had a very special month-and-a-half.
  • The Hardball Times has their weekly rankings up, and the Reds have climbed all the way to #8.