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Farmers Only: Where 2 1/2 out of 5 games were played, nobody wins. Especially the Bats bullpen.

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  • You can put the blame on Louisville's bullpen last night, as they lost a crazy one to Durham, 13-9.  Here's how this one played out.  Ramon Ramirez pitched 7 solid innings, allowing 3 runs and striking out 7.  Jonny Gomes was 2-for-5 with 3 RBI and Wilkin Castillo and Danny Richar both had two hits for the Bats, and the Bats went into the 8th with an 8-3 lead.  Stud setup man Pedro Viola enters the game, give up 4 runs, and Durham is within one going into the 9th at 8-7.  Carlos Fisher, who relieved Viola in the 8th, gives up the tying run with two outs.  In the next AB, Drew Stubbs guns down the winning run at the plate to take the game into extras.  Kevin Barker homers, it's 9-8 Bats.  Robert Manuel gives up one run in the 10th, it's 9-9.  He also loads the bases in the 11th, and in relief, Ben Jukich gives up a grand slam for the Bats to lose 13-9 in 11 innings.  Bummer.  Up next: Matt Maloney takes on Norfolk at 7:15.
  • Carolina and Birmingham are suspended in the 13th right now due to rain, 3-3.  No word on when it'll be finished.  Misael DeJesus is scheduled to take on Jacksonville tonight at 6:15.
  • Sarasota's doubleheader was rained out.  They'll try it again today at 4, where Zach Stewart and Luis Montano are scheduled to start another doubleheader.
  • Dayton lost 5-2 to West MichiganCurtis Partch had some trouble in his start, but Aguido Gonzalez pitched 2 1/3 innings of one hit ball to keep the Dragons in the game.  Unfortunately, the offense couldn't get much together, as a solo shot by Cody Puckett and a run drove in by one Frank Pfister's two hits were the only two the Dragons could muster.  Up next: Oscar Castro's next in line to take on Lansing at 7:05.