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RR Gathering - Are You F'ing Kidding Me?

So as previously reported, obc, Ash, BK and myself met up at the famous Terry's Turf Club for a burger tonight. Obc and I were early arrivals as usual, and we bided our time with a couple of Molsons. Ash and BK showed up shortly thereafter and after a quick review of the menu it was time to order.

We all went the basic route with our burgers with BK asking for no tomoatoes and me asking for no accoutrements whatsoever, just cheese and bacon. The burgers came, we ate, and hilarity ensued. This is your RR get together recap, GO!


First off, these burgers were HUGE. Awesomely huge. and juicy, oh lawd juicy. This is what I speak of:

BK impressed with his plate:



Ash's plate was juicy. Make your own joke:



These burgers were huge but they were also AWESOME. I can't speak for the others but damn that burger was worth the wait. Juicy yet textured, the Swiss cheese and generous amount of bacon were a perfect mix on the grilled bun. I'm telling you, if you have the time, go. Tomorrow. SRSLY. It's good. I won't steer you wrong with food.

Finding a great burger in Cincinnati is normally enough for a story but we figured, why stop there? It was 4-5 beers in and we were talking "last drink before heading home". Our incredibly personable bartender laid out our choices:


We chose the light version of the double tequila. We each took a sip but shortly after BK took this sip, things got interesting:


Wait just a damned minute, forget the shining star. Just who is that handsome fella behind our beloved BK?

As it turns out, one Jim O'Toole had sat down next to us at the bar. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?


No, no we're not. The legendary jch/obc/RR luck had come through once again and a Reds Hall of Famer had sat down to us at the bar at a little burger joint. Life is good.


I tried to explain to him the ways of the world but instead he straight schooled me, having had 11 children and 35 grandchildren. SPECK.

Mr. O'Toole also was kind enough to explain his chicken sandwich to our beloved BK:


Of course I harassed Mr. O'Toole a bit and asked If I could get a pic of his 1961 NL Championship ring. Here ya go:


Blurry? Sure. Still cool? You bet your ass.

BK asked Mr. O'Toole what he thought of the 2009 Reds. His response - "They can do anything, they have great pitching". (please excuse the paraphrasing here)

My question to Mr. O'Toole was what he thought of Barry Bonds and the accusations. His response - "He didn't have to do it, he was so great already, you know?" I agree sir.

BOTTOM LINE: You don't meet up, you don't meet Reds Hall of Famers at a burger bar on Thursday night in the 'Nati.

Oh, and if you should ever go to Terry's and get drunk be careful on the way to the car, a neighbor has a sense of humor:


Those are cactii. You stumble into them, it hurts. Thankfully we did not.