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Red Reposter - 5/14/09

“Our swag is real nice right now. We’re picking each other up. Our team chemistry is gorgeous. Everybody on this team is rooting for each other. When somebody gets a hit, you see everybody in the dugout going crazy. Honestly, this is best team I’ve played on. The guys on this team pick each other up.  “We’re not worrying about negative. Even when we lost, we were like: We just showed the Cardinals we were here. We’re taking it game by game and trying to come through in the big situations. That’s why we’re winning.  “Plus, our pitching is gorgeous. Our pitching makes us defense pick it up. They not waste time. They’re not walking nobody. We’re just having fun.”

Winning is good.

  • Jay Bruce talked with Chili Davis about hitting, but he had to be introduced first.  He didnt know who Chili Davis was.  Or Matt Williams either.  Kid must not have collected ball cards when he was little.
  • D-Backs manager AJ Hinch had some words about Johnny Cueto after the game, and it wasnt about his pitching.  Apparently, in the 6th when Justin Upton doubled and Stephen Drew singled him in, Cueto took a swipe with his glove at Upton as he came around to score.  I dont know.
  • Dusty Baker will be spending the off day in Sacramento with his ailing father.  Johnnie B. Sr. isnt doing well.  Im glad Dusty gets an off day while we're out west to do this.  Our thoughs are with you, Dusty.
  • Jerry Hairston Jr has hit .406 in the absense of Alex Gonzalez, who will be back in the lineup on Friday against the Padres.  Hairston blames his slow start this season on an illness while playing for Team Mexico in the WBC (is swine flu still a thing?)  I for one think Hairston should be moved to 3B when Gonzo comes back, at least while he is hitting the guts out of the ball.
  • Joey Votto is kind of embarrassed about leaving the game on Tuesday with dizziness.  He should be back in the lineup against the Padres on Friday.
  • Jinaz takes a look at the NL standings.  The Reds look pretty good.
  • Mark Sheldon took a look around the Reds new Spring Training complex in Goodyear.  He took some pictures.
  • Matt Klinker, Redleg Nation spotlight player and Sarasota Red, was placed on the 7-day DL with a sore shoulder.  He says he feels ok 3 days afterwards and hopes to miss only 1 start. 
  • ChillyCheezItz gives us a FanShot highlighting ESPN's continued incompetence.  In a feature about the Reds/Dbacks game they showed a Hiroshima Toyo Carp cap instead of a Reds cap.  My guess is that some smartass thought it would be clever and no one would notice.  Smartass.
  • Baseball Analysts takes a look at Micah Owings the hitter (ht to RLN).  It's neat and full of graphs.