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Red Reposter - 5/13/09

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  • Hall o' Famer Hal is happy to have a job.  I think we all know the days of the beat writer for the local paper are numbered.  Newspapers are just a plain old bad business model these days, but ironically enough the sports beat is probably one of the least expendable positions there.  Sports are probably more popular than ever, and these are the guys that write about it everyday and get the access to the players.  Until they start issuing press passes to Red Reporters, these guys are everything.  The Reposter would be nothing without them.
  • Also in this article, Hal says he likes Rosales because he knows he's bad at defense.  He says, “Those are definitely playable balls, plays I should make.  I need to make them. It’s a matter of slowing things down. I’m pretty tense and I need to trust my hands.”
  • Joey Votto is ok.  Last night he was helped off the field in the 4th inning, but it wasnt for anything too serious.  He was dizzy from the 100 degree Arizona heat.  He's likely to be back in the lineup tonight, if not after the off day in San Diego.
  • Looks like Votto is a team leader.  Adam Rosales says he and Alex Gonzalez both took him aside to give him a pep talk about his fielding.  I defy you to name one thing that isnt great about Votto. 
  • Speaking of Gonzo, it appears he wont be in the lineup until Friday.  He says he's ok to go now, but Baker says he'll wait.  Friday will mark 9 games that the Reds have gone with 24 active players because of their reluctance to put Gonzo on the DL.  Fortunately, they are 6-2 so far without him.
  • Jerry Hariston Jr brings up the "P" word.
  • takes a look at Bryan Augenstein, who will be making his major league debut for the D-Backs tonight against the Reds.
  • You think the Reds success so far is due to luck?  Not as much as you might think.