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Game 32 Thread - Reds at Diamondbacks

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Cincinnati Reds
@ Arizona Diamondbacks

Monday, May 11, 2009, 9:40 PM EDT
Chase Field

Bronson Arroyo vs Jon Garland

Clear. Game time temperature around really really hot.

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2009 - Bronson Arroyo 4-2 7.15 1.65 18 15

2009 - Jon Garland 3-1 4.03 1.39 16 15

Are you ready to drink kids? THommy Boy is going back to the greatest place on Earth and you can bet we're gonna hear all about the right way to play the game, clutchiness, and what a winner Craig Counsell was on tonight's broadcast.

The Diamondbacks have been a disappointment, going 13-19 so far. They've done it by ranking 29th in runs scored, even though they're pitching isn't too bad. They rank 12th in the majors in ERA and actually have more quality starts than the Reds at this point, 17-15. Their hitting came around yesterday when they slapped the Nationals around for 17 hits in a 10-8 win. Oh, and Justin Upton is hitting .393 with six home runs and 15 RBIs during his current 17 game hitting streak. Garland has been pretty decent since getting blow'd up by the Cardinals back on April 15th, going 2-0 and lowering his ERA by over four runs.

The question of the night is, which 'royo will we get? Goodroyo from May 1 against the Pirates or Badroyo who showed up against the Brewers last Wednesday? Personally I'm treating his last start like Caddyshack II - never happened.

Lastly, the Reds have taken eight of the last ten games against the Diamondbacks, let's hope that trend continues tonight.