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Red Reposter - 5/11/09

  • Injury updates from Hal o' Famer Hal:  Alex Gonzalez took fielding practice this weekend and looked good, but he hasnt hit yet.  Baker said, “Things are going pretty good, so we might as well stretch it out as long as we can, as long as it isn’t hurting us.”  Did it not hurt to have only 2 bench players when BP and Votto were sick?  I think the whole point of DL'ing Gonzo is to make sure that it doesnt hurt us.  In the event that something happens (like, say, a rampant flu bug) then we would have enough bodies to field a baseball team.  I'm sorry to rant on this again and again, but Dusty and Walt need to fix this.
  • Joey Votto will be back in the starting lineup tonight against the Diamondbacks in Arizona.  He would have started Sunday if the Reds had been slumping, but the team was 3-0 with him on the bench.  "If we weren't playing so well, he'd be in there for sure," Baker said before the game. "I figured this way he can get all of his strength back."
  • The Reds are 13-0 in games they have led after 5 innings.  I'm not sure I fully appreciate just how good this bullpen has been so far.
  • Hal takes questions from the audience and suggests that Sean Casey might make a great coach, but is too nice to be a manager.  "He’d try to play all 25 guys at once, and the last time I read the rule book that’s not permitted."
  • The Reds outfield has been good.  Really good.  Our pitcher's BABIP is at .289, which is tied for 5th lowest in the league.  Ever wonder why the Reds were so eager to move Bruce from CF to RF?
  • The Hardball Times gives us their weekly rankings, and the Reds come in at #13.  They also note the quality of the bullpen.