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Red Reposter - 4/8/09

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  • John Fay gives us an update on the Jonny Gomes situation.  Which is to say, we dont really know anything new.  Jocketty says he is giving him one more day.  He also says the Reds are not currently pursuing newly released outfielders Geoff Jenkins and Frank Catalanotto.  Personally, I think Catalanotto would be an upgrade over Laynce Nix. 
  • RedlegNation Podcasts their thoughts on Opening Day.  
  • Alex Gonzalez was very happy to be playing on Monday, having sat out the last year and a half or so.  Here's a pretty interesting quote from his keystone mate Brandon Phillips:

"It's all about Alex," he said. "He motivates us and keeps us in place. He thinks of things about defense I never even think about.

"He's the best shortstop I ever played with, and I played with Omar Vizquel. He talks to everybody and he is like a teacher out there."


  • Yesterday, the Reds and MLB honored the receipients of the Beacon Awards, which recognize individuals whose lives are emblematic of the spirit of the civil rights movement.  The honorees were Bill Cosby, Hank Aaron, and Muhammad Ali.  The Civil Rights Game this year will be June 20th against the White Sox.
  • Doug gives us the preliminary rosters for AA Carolina and A+ Sarasota.  No real surprises, but it sure is going to be exciting to see Red Reporter's top two prospects, Yonder Alonso and Neftali Soto, hitting back-to-back in the Sarasota lineup.  
  • Now let's take a look at what's happening around the NL Central:
  • Cubs manager Lou Pinella is being customarily tight-lipped about comments from the Yankees Hal Steinbrenner, who a few days ago said he'd like to see Sweet Lou come back to the NY as a consultant or something.  Right now, Pinella is only concerned about the Cubs.  And the dangers of the gum disease gingivitis. 
  • In Milwaukee, Rickie Weeks is working on being the All-Star many had hoped he would become.  I, for one, would love to have this guy in a Reds uniform.
  • Speaking of potential, the Pirates' Andy LaRoche is under the microscope already.  He's 0-6 with 3 errors afield in the first two games. 
  • The Cardinals are hoping former Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter can play a full, healthy, and effective season.  Bernie Miklasz doesnt have much hope for the team otherwise.
  • Former Red Jeff Keppinger flat-out delievered a bases-loaded single in the 10th inning for the Astros last night to walk-off against the Cubs.