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Come join us at GABP for Game 2

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If you are a regular reader of the site, you probably know by now that attending Game 2 has become a tradition here at Red Reporter.  The theory is that anyone can get excited about the first game of the season, but it takes real fans to go out for the second game when it's cold and dark and there are only 14 thousand other fans in the stands.  That's the theory at least.

We've had a great time the last two years getting together for this game.  In 2007 we saw the Reds lose to the Cubs 4-1 on a night that would freeze your nuts off.  Thankfully I had a warm blanket to use while the other whined about the cold.  Last season was considerably warmer and the results were much better as Edwin Encarnacion hit his famous "Not Clutch" walk-off home run to beat the Diamondbacks 6-5.

This year will be the first time we won't be watching Bronson Arroyo pitch, which given the way Arroyo has been pitching lately, I'm ecstatic about.  Edinson Volquez will be taking on Mike Pelfrey from the Mets.  Should be a good one.

And that's why you should join us.  It looks like we're going to have a bigger crowd this year than in the past, so I'm just going to lay out an itenerary and you can jump in on the fun whenever you have a chance.

  • We'll meet starting at 6pm at Bar Louie in Newport on the Levee.  Unfortunately, I probably won't be there until 6:30, but I'll try to make it earlier if I can.
  • We'll walk the Taylor-Southgate bridge over to the park, leaving Bar Louie at about 6:30.
  • We will be buying tickets at the gate or from a scalper if they don't shush me away.  If you are not going to meet up with us prior to this point, buy your own ticket and we'll meet up inside.
  • We'll head to The Machine Room to determine if the carry OTR.  We'll hang out there until game time or slightly after.
  • Once we decide to move to our seats, we'll likely be sitting on the third base side somewhere.  I'll try to remember to tweet our location, so keep an eye out for that if you have the ability.
  • Typically once we find a seat, we stick there.  Come join us any time during the game, if you haven't already.
  • After the game we'll probably just walk back over to Newport on the Levee and hang out there for a bit.  We'll likely end up back at Gameworks just so that we can have a few rounds of drunk video racing.  If you can't meet us at the game, you could probably get a free drink from us there.

Even if you've never met anyone from the site before, I encourage you to come down and join us.  I've never had a bad experience hanging out with people from Red Reporter and I'm guessing you won't either.  If you think you'll be at the game and want to meet up, I suggest you send me an email so that I can let you know how to get ahold of me.  If you find yourself at the park looking for the group, I'll be the guy in the red Coutlangus jersey, probably under my blankie trying to stay warm.

Update: I forgot to add, as you may have seen in his last article at Baseball Prospectus, Will Carroll is planning to join us for a few innings after he finishes with his BBWA duties.