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Red Reposter - 4/7/09

  • Mark Sheldon asks if you've written off the Reds yet for this season.  He also has a few choice quotes from Dusty:

"He (Santana) usually leads the league in strikeouts. A lot of people don't get a lot of runs against Santana. Aaron matched him except for that home run he gave up to the youngerster (Daniel Murphy) we don't know either. There weren't many negatives today. People look for negatives when you lose, but they played a good game and beat us today."

  • Hall o' Famer Hal is not amused by all the Reds' excuses for the loss yesterday.  "Santana is too good!" "It was cold!" "Taveras was sick!"  Methinks Hal needs to settle a bit.  It's gonna be a long season here for the Reposter if he maintains this level of curmudgeonness.  
  • Bob Hunter at the Columbus Dispatch gives us some commentary on the game yesterday.  He's worried about the offense too.
  • You know, it seems everyone has something to say about the offense now after only scoring 1 run and mustering only 3 hits yesterday.  Anyone else get the feeling that if the Reds had won the game 2-1 we'd be hearing a completely different song? 
  • Jay Bruce and Joey Votto are  comfortable in leadership roles for this young team, but both realize that they still have much work to do to get better.  I challenge anyone to find more than 1 thing wrong with either of these guys.  I dare you.
  • Darnell McDonald experienced his first ever Big League Opening Day yesterday, and I really do feel good for the guy.  He seems like a decent fella who's worked hard his whole life for this.  Congrats D-Mac!
  • Doug has been posting videos of the two futures games over the weekend.  He has them scattered between a few different posts, so be sure to check them all.
  • CSG gives us the "Dusty Bunch".
  • And in case you hadnt heard, Arroyo threw a bullpen session yesterday instead of being in the parade.  It seems like he feels just fine now, and he will be making the start Thursday as was orginially scheduled.