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Opening Day Game Thread: Mets at Reds

2008 - Johan Santana 16-7 2.53 1.15 206 63

2008 - Aaron Harang 6-17 4.78 1.38 153 50

You can stop being all fidgety and start relaxing, your long winter wait is over...hopefully. The game is still scheduled to happen at this point, despite the sub-40 degree weather and the threat of snow. But nothing can cancel Opening Day in Cincinnati, right? Well, except for an umpire dying, but that ain't happening again.

Today is Aaron Harang's first step toward proving that 2008 was a fluke season and that the forearm injury that slowed him down last year won't be a problem this year. Thankfully this is beautiful pitching weather for him to start the season in. Ugh.

As first reported here on this site, Johan Santana is a good pitcher. The Reds have their work cut out for them today. Hmm, maybe a rainout wouldn't be a bad thing after all.

You can follow the game in almost every way imaginable today. All of the regular media outlets, including ESPN, are carrying the game. You can follow my pointless commentary on Twitter. Or, you can sit right back and join the gang here in this game thread. It's Opening Day! Go Reds!