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Spring Game 34: Reds vs. Futures

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The Reds take on the Future Reds tonight in Zebulon, NC.  Game time is 6:05 PM and the game is being broadcast on 700WLW as well as MLB Audio.  Whether it is available on an affiliate network is anybody's guess.   I can't seem to find a Gameday link, so if you figure it out, please post it.

Bronson Arroyo takes the mound for the Reds, trying to overcome his carpal tunnel syndrome and give some confidence to Reds fans that he should actually start the season on the active roster.  It's going to be tough though because I'm sure all of these kids he's facing tonight feel like they have something to prove.  And there is some serious, if not matured, talent on that team.

Facing off against Arroyo will be righty Dallas Buck, who the Reds acquired in the Adam Dunn deal.  I have no idea who will be starting tonight for the Reds, but they are carrying 30 players on their roster right now, so we might see a couple guys in there that won't be there on Monday.

I really wish this game was on TV because I'd love to see the youngsters for myself, but I'll be listening on the radio to see if I can pick out who Marty already doesn't like.

By the way, I'm predicting a 4-2 win by the youngsters today.  And there will be much gnashing of teeth.