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Red Reposter - 4/3/09

Juan Carlos Sulbaran 
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Juan Carlos Sulbaran via
  • Quick tip o' the cap to Snake the Jake for this little Reds preview from FanGraphs.  In summary, they like the Reds young talent, but it's probably not enough.
  • Also from FanGraphs, a look at the RF platoon the Rays will be using this year.  It's a pretty good breakdown of how platoons should be used to maximize effectiveness.  You think Dusty reads FanGraphs?
  • Here is a great write-up and interview with Juan Carlos Sulbaran, Reds pitching prospect and member of the Dutch WBC team.  Here are a few excerpts:

MLB: Of what accomplishment, on or off the field, in your life are you the proudest?

Juan Carlos Sulbaran: Finishing high school. In Curacao, everyone leaves school when they're 15 and never finishes high school. Now that I've graduated, I'm really glad that my dad made that decision for me.

MLB: Complete this sentence: It would surprise people to know that I...

JCS: Don't like pitching that much. I was a first baseman and third baseman. And for me, baseball was always more about how to get on base, steal a base, slide, get dirty and make diving catches. But I'm learning more about pitching now.

  • In case you didn't know, yesterday was the last game for the Reds at Tired Old Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota.  It wasn't a joyful occasion, as fans booed loudly and shouted at Sarasota's mayor.  She shouted back, saying, "I'm glad so many of you are angry with us, I really am," she said, "because I'm angry with us, too."
  • Here is a nice piece on Opening Day from the DDN.  Just 3 more days!
  • Also, remember today the Reds will travel to Zebulon, NC to take on a collection of top prospects, christening the new home of our AA affilitate Carolina Mudcats.  The game starts at 6:05.  Tomorrow they head to Dayton to play another one.  Then the next game they play will be for realsies!