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Red Reposter - 4/29/09

Because my real job has been keeping me pretty busy this week, Ive had to neglect my duties with the Reposter.  This will probably be pretty quick today, but hopefully it can give us something to talk about before the game this evening.

  • Dusty Baker had this to say about the way Wandy Rodriguez is subjugating the Reds so far this year:  "He wasn't as sharp tonight as he was the other night, but those early runs really helped him," said Baker. "We swung better against him tonight than in Houston."
  • This is a gem:  "Water seeks its own level all the time," Baker said. "My theory is (Brandon Phillips) didn't take two days to get in this funk. It usually takes twice as long to get out of it. If he can get some hits, some bunts maybe -- hits cure everything. I tell guys two hits a day for a week will cure almost any ills you've got, especially before you get a bunch of at-bats on you."
  • In less frustrating news, Adam Rosales is rarin' to go.  When asked about his call-up he said, "I got excited.  This is the place you want to be."
  • Chris Dickerson likely will not need a trip to the DL.  Early word is that he may be ready by Friday.
  • Interesting stat from Fay:  "One thing that's been very clear this year is when the Reds don't get good starting pitching, they don't have much of a chance. They are 7-1 when they get a quality start; 3-9 when they don't."
  • Fay also gives us an update on Ricky Stone, who is battling brain cancer.  Stay strong, Ricky.