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Red Reposter - 4/24/09

<a href="" target="new">from snohio and Cy Schourek</a>
from snohio and Cy Schourek
  • Joey Votto, Super Hero, granted an interview to Big League Stew.  I've struggled for a few minutes here to find a way to describe how it goes, but really you just have to read it. 
  • Walt Jocketty is not (yet) concerned about the offense.  "Not yet. We just have to stay with what we've got right now and see what happens," Jocketty said before the Reds and Cubs played on Thursday. "I'm not sure who is really out there."  When asked about hot-hitting Adam Rosales down in AAA, he said, "You can't ignore what he's doing down there...He's doing everything we've asked him to do. At some point, we'll have to acknowledge that. Right now as long as we're winning, we'll stay with what we've got."
  • Aaron Harang says the team is sending a message:  “We’re making it known we are going to battle everybody and we’ll come out on the field and put our foot down and let ’em know what we’re about...We’re sending a message, especially in our own division. We’re so evenly matched it is going to go to the end of the year.”
  • Jay Bruce says his hand is fine.  He went 5-12 with 2 dingers in the Cubs series.
  • David Weathers hasnt give up a run yet this season, and Ramon Hernandez is borderline sacriligious in his praise.    Regarding the sinker Weathers threw to strike out Kosuke Fukudome on Wednesday, “God himself couldn’t have hit that pitch.”
  • Encarnacion is just fine hitting 4th, even though he is struggling right now at the plate.  "I try to do the same thing -- put the ball in play," he said. "I just have to be comfortable. I hit fourth in the Minor Leagues. It's nothing different for me."
  • Danny Dorn has a new blog entry, describing the Bats recent series against the Columbus Clippers.
  • With the Braves coming to town, here is a look at how a few key members of their rotation have fared thus far.