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Some minor changes to game threads

I wanted to let you all know that the way that game threads will appear on the site is going to change slightly.  We've been having a greater number of comments on games than we've had in past seasons, which is leading to more overflow threads for those games.  In order to remove some of the clutter from the front page and allow threads that typically have longer running conversations to stay on the front page, we'll be moving the overflow game threads off of the front page after the game is finished.  The game wrap will be available for on-going conversation about the game, and it will typically contain links to the other game threads in the "More from Red Reporter" section just before the comments.

There will be exceptions to when game threads are hidden.  If there is still an active conversation going on in the thread, the moderators will use their judgment to keep it on the front page.  However, threads will always be veiwable through the Game Threads link in the "Sections" area of the left sidebar. 

Hopefully this will limit the amount of scrolling you have to do on the front page just to see what threads are still active.  Also, this will keep some of the non-game thread stuff around longer, which is good because I think that is where we typically have our most interesting discussions.  Your feedback is appreciated though, so please let us know if there is anything you like or don't like about this move.  Thanks!