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Red Reposter - 4/23/09

  • David Weathers is impressed with the way the Reds are playing so far. "That’s how it’s going to be," Weathers said. "We’re going to win with pitching and defense. It’s been a long time since we were winning this early in the year, scoring so few runs. We're going to hit. It's not good hitting weather right now."
  • Baker had this to say about Cueto's performance last night:  "He pitched outstanding. That's what we needed too. We got our bullpen straight. That's what we hoped for in the game.  He had electric stuff tonight. No walks, that's the key. He kept the same tempo and same velocity throughout the ballgame. He stopped a very good hitting team over there."
  • Aramis Ramirez, responding to questions about why Cubs fans boo Dusty so much when he comes to town, said, "We just had a bad team, and it's not his fault. If you give Dusty a good team, I guarantee he'll be in the playoffs, too."
  • Hal says hitting coach Brook Jacoby has been very busy of late, with so many guys struggling at the plate. 
  • Chris Dickerson, left fielder, environmentalist, and well-dressed "man-about-town", had a special green glove made to wear for Earth Day.  But with lefty Ted Lilly going for the Cubs, Dickerson did not play the field.  He struck out in a pinch-hit appearance.  The glove will be auctioned for charity at his website
  • Yahoo's Big League Stew is on board with the "Sam LeCure for Bobblehead" campaign, and LeCure's wife thinks its HI-larious.
  • Remember Matt Murton?  Well, he's killing AAA.  And he's right-handed.  And he's probably better than Jerry Hairston in LF.  Just sayin'.
  • FanShot time!  Red Moskau gives us an article from Joe Posnanski on Brandon Phillips' hitting philosophy, while andromache is not so excited to hear that Demetri Martin will play Paul DePodesta in the upcoming "Moneyball" film.  She's cool with Brad Pitt playing Billy Beane though.