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Game 14, Thread 2: Cueto is the leader of the rebellion on Mars

The Reds take a 1-0 lead into the fourth inning courtesy of... Alex Gonzalez?!  Whatever.

Reds! Reds! Reds!


Cincinnati Reds @ Chicago Cubs

04/22/09 8:05 PM EDT

Cincinnati Reds Chicago Cubs
Willy Taveras - CF Alfonso Soriano - LF
Jerry Hairston Jr. - LF Kosuke Fukudome - CF
Joey Votto - 1B Derrek Lee - 1B
Edwin Encarnacion - 3B Milton Bradley - RF
Jay Bruce - RF Aramis Ramirez - 3B
Brandon Phillips - 2B Geovany Soto - C
Ramon Hernandez - C Ryan Theriot - SS
Alex Gonzalez - SS Aaron Miles - 2B
Johnny Cueto - P Ted Lilly - P