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Red Reposter Special Report

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Our commrades at OMGreds have issued a directive to all internet-dwelling Reds fans concerning the Reds Fan's Choice Bobblehead Promotion.  It is your mission to vote as often as it takes to ensure the election of Sam LeCure as the fourth and final bobblehead in this year's bobblehead giveaway promotion. 

The Reds have left it up to the fans to decide which pitcher is to be named the 4th and final bobblehead and we, the computer nerds who control the internet, are in a uinique position to influence the results of this important election. But why Sam LeCure?  You can visit OMGreds for a full briefing, or you can just do what you are told and shut up about it.

We are the gatekeepers and we hold all the keys.  Now is the time to show the world the scope and totality of our influence.  Vote now!  Vote often!  Tell your friends and family!  Vive la Resistance!  Vive Sam LeCure!