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Red Reposter - 4/20/09

Adam Rosales is going bananas down in Louisville, and with the offense struggling the way it is Dusty was asked if we may see him promoted anytime soon.  "(B)ut where's he going to play?" was Dusty's refute.

Now, I'm not saying Rosales is some kind of savior for us.  I dont think he's a top prospect and I dont see him having All-Star potential in the bigs, but right now Alex Gonzalez is struggling something fierce and it's pretty obvious he is not ready to play everyday in the big leagues.  He missed all of last year and a fair amount of Spring Training, and it's really showing.  He has 1 hit in two weeks.  His defense may look ok, but his UZR looks really ugly so far.  The common refrain is that "it is still early", but after two weeks it is plainly obvious that Gonzo is not fit to be a regular shortstop in the major leagues right now.

So "where's (Rosales) going to play?"  I would suggest shortstop.  But since it seems Dusty Baker is unaware that Rosales can play shortstop (remember last year when he asked the same exact question of Rosales, only to pencil in Jolbert Cabrera??) I would propose that Janish get most of the playing time.  Anyone would be better than Gonzo right now.

I can understand and even appreciate that Dusty is a defense-first kinda guy when it comes to shortstop.  It's the second-most important defensive position on the field and as long as your other guys are hitting, you dont need your shortstop to do much.  And Gonzo has the reputation of being a slick fielder.  But Gonzo has 1 hit in two weeks.  1 hit in two weeks.  I am confident that I could get 1 hit if given two weeks-worth of major league pitches.  There comes a point where no amount of glove work can save a dead bat.  And even Gonzo's glove is struggling. 

So put him on the DL.  Send him down to A ball and let him get a full allotment of rehab at-bats.  If this team has any hopes of contending, we cannot afford to let Gonzo shake off the rust in games that count.  So let Janish take over at SS for the time being and bring up Rosales to be our utility infielder and bench bat.  The bench could use the boost too.

  • Aaron Harang is frustrated with the hitting too, blowing his stack after being pulled from Friday night's game.  “You pitch your heart out and have nothing to show for it,” he said. “It grinds on you. It’s been a tough year and a half. I reached that boiling point.”  These guys will start hitting sooner or later, right?
  • Hall o' Famer Hal tried to ask Micah Owings about his hitting exploits (his pinch-hit two-run double was the clincher in yesterday's game) but was cut off.  “Don’t even go there, Hal. I’m a pitcher. I know what you’re thinking. I’m working on getting ready to pitch Tuesday (in Chicago). I worked hard and I think I’ve made a lot of strides since what happened the other night (in Milwaukee he gave up 4 runs in 5 innings)."  I love how he hits, but honestly I dont know how well it would translate if he actually were moved into the everyday lineup.  I think he can be a league-average pitcher, and with his pinch-hitting prowess as a bonus I think he is fine just where he is.  Just keep doin' what yer doin' Micah.
  • Minor League Notebook gives us a rundown of Southern League leaders so far this season, and Farmer's Only Featured Farmhand Chris Heisey is at the top of a number of offensive catagories.  And remember, he's probably behind Todd Frazier, Juan Francisco, and Zach Cozart as far as positional prospects go on that team.