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Red Reposter - 4/2/09

The Reds have been at the eye of the storm for the past few days, what with the Keppinger trade and the Sheffield rumors.  Just one more game left in Tired Ol' Ed Smith Stadium, and then the real games start!

  • Ken Rosenthal says Cincy is the most likely destination for Gary Sheffield.  At this point, for better or worse, I would be surprised if it DIDNT happen.  Also in the article, he says the Rangers cut Frank Catalanotto to make room for Andruw Jones.  Catalanotto may be someone worth pursuing for the Reds.  Do you think he could be a better left-handed bench bat than Laynce Nix?  
  • In case you hadnt seen it, Doug gives us the roster for the Futures Game in Dayton. 
  • Chad at RLN seems pretty adamant that Homer Bailey should come north with the big league club.  It seems the Reds are going to go with Owings and Masset instead.  What do you think?  Is that a mistake?
  • Teh Fay gives us an update on Arroyo's carpal tunnel.  It looks like he can pitch through this and has done it before, but maybe the Reds will want to play it safe, put him on the DL, and play Owings and Bailey instead?  I dont think they'll do that, but man, it feels good to know they have options.
  • Fay also gives us an update on struggling closer Francisco Cordero.  He says he's almost 100% now, which isn't exactly what I wanted to hear.  We need him to be spitting fire at the end of games all year long, because this bullpen doesn't look near as strong without him.  Hopefully he gets better in a hurry and everything will be ok.
  • Danny Dorn has updated his blog.  I hope he keeps this up.  This kind of communication with the fans is so cool.  And Dorn is one of my favorites on the farm right now, so that makes it extra special.
  • You can check out the FanShot courtesy of Slyde, or just head over to Chris Sabo's Goggles.  I want to nominate this as our official motto for this season: