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Mike Cameron Owns a Boat Out on Lake Michigan, and He's Invited All the Brewers Out There This Weekend

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The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Mike Cameron.  He went 3-3 with 2 solo homers, a double, and a walk.  He drove in 3 runs and scored 3 of his own.  Dude was the straw in the drink for the Brewers tonight.

Key Plays

  • Micah Owings looked a little shaky in his first inning pitching for the Reds, giving up a single to Craig Counsell and a double to Ryan Braun before Prince Fielder hit a sac fly to center to bring a run home.
  • The Brewers drew blood again in the 2nd, as Mike Cameron led off the inning with a home run.
  • Braden Looper seemed to avoid all the trappings that have befallen the Brewers pitching staff so far this year, facing the minimum through the first 3 innings.  Hernandez singled in the 3rd, but was erased on a double play ball off the bat of Alex Gonzalez.
  • The Reds mustered their first threat in the 4th, as Taveras singled to left and Votto moved him to 3rd with a single of his own.  But Brandon Phillips failed for one of the first times this season as he grounded into a double play to twart the rally.
  • Cameron homered again to lead off the bottom of the 4th.  Word is that Bob Uecker has a Starbucks gift card with his name on it.
  • Gonzo got the Reds on the board in the 5th, plating Hernandez with a double. 
  • In the 6th inning, after Taveras was plunked by a pitch, Chris Dickeron went happy-go-jacky on a Looper fastball like a donkey eating a waffle to tie the game at 3.  That was great while it lasted.
  • It wasn't tied for long though, as Fielder chased Owings with a double.  Jared Burton came in to walk Cameron and then gave up a double to dastardly Billy Hall.  Cameron and Hall then scored on a double by Jason Kendall.  And THEN, Rickie Weeks homered to make it 8-3.  It was a dark night out there for Jared Burton.
  • Cameron drew blood once again in the 7th, doubling to left-center to drive in Fielder, who reached on a wild pitch on strike 3.  9-3 Brewers.


Final - 4.15.2009 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R
Cincinnati Reds 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 3
Milwaukee Brewers 1 1 0 1 0 5 1 0 X 9

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Other Notes

  • Willy Taveras continues to look goood out there, reaching base 3 times. 
  • Jay Bruce made a pretty nifty diving grab on a liner from Ryan Braun.  It's been said many times here and I'll say it again:  this outfield defense is waay better than last year's. 
  • Mark DiFilice pitched 4 innings out of the 'pen in this series for the Brewers, giving up a total of 3 hits and a walk while giving up nary a run.  You gotta take your hat off to the guy.
  • Hernandez and Gonzalez combined for 3 hits (2 singles for Hernandez and a double for Gonzo).  Let's hope both of their ducks are now broken.
  • Braden Looper looked solid, going 6 innings and giving up 3 runs while only walking 1.  Strangely out of character for a Brewers starter this season.
  • Nick Masset didn't look bad, putting in 2 innings of mop-up work and only giving up the 1 run.  He struck out 2 though.