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Red Reposter - 4/14/09

  • Today the Reposter remembers Harry Kalas.  Here are a few tributes to the legend from John Fay, Hal McCoy, and Marty Brennaman.  Brendan brought up yesterday how we all felt when Joe Nuxhall died.  Kalas was every bit as beloved to Philly phans.  He died in the broadcast booth before the Phillies game against the Nationals.  “To pass away in the booth, I think if you asked him, that’s (the) way he would have wanted to go.”
  • Former Tigers pitcher Mark Fidrych died yesterday as well.  He was working on his truck when it apparently slipped off the jack.  A sad day for baseball fans.

"I found something I was doing last year that I'm doing a little different this year," Bruce said. "I think I have to get back to my game, myself. Doing what I was doing really helps. It had to do with timing. It wasn't necessarily gone, but not as consistent as I wanted it to be."

  • The Reds are attempting to get the All-Star Game to come to Cincinnati in 2013.  I say it's about damn time.  We've had this beautiful new ballpark for, what, 6 years now?  It seems every new ballpark built in the past 10 years has gotten the All-Star Game.  Make it happen, Cap'n.
  • The Yankees were brutalized by the Rays yesterday, and so thorough was the shellacking that the Yanks turned to 1B-OF Nick Swisher to pitch the 8th inning for them.  And he struck out Gabe Kapler. 
  • FanGraphs also gives us the top 10 prospects from around the NL Central.  The one glaring surprise is pitcher Daryl Thompson ranking at #2.  RedReporter's community prospect rankings ranked him at #7.  And I thought was even a bit high for him.  Hattip to D-Rock.
  • ShysterBall is happy that the Indians are phasing out the Chief Wahoo logo.  The team claims that they have no intention of dropping the controversial mascot, but his smilin' face has been replaced on team jerseys and caps by alternative logos. 
  • Jinaz gives us yet another reason to drop the DH rule.  It'll never happen, but I'm with him.