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Game 4 Thread: Part 2


Pittsburgh Pirates @ Cincinnati Reds

04/11/09 1:10 PM EDT

Pittsburgh Pirates Cincinnati Reds
Nyjer Morgan - LF Willy Taveras - CF
Freddy Sanchez - 2B Jerry Hairston Jr. - LF
Nate McLouth - CF Joey Votto - 1B
Ryan Doumit - C Brandon Phillips - 2B
Adam LaRoche - 1B Edwin Encarnacion - 3B
Andy LaRoche - 3B Jay Bruce - RF
Brandon Moss - RF Ramon Hernandez - C
Jack Wilson - SS Alex Gonzalez - SS
Paul Maholm - P Johnny Cueto - P

The Reds struggled to get any base runners until the 4th inning.  After getting two runners on base, Joey Votto was easily thrown out at home.  Reds trail 4-0.