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Farmers Only: Where we're ravin' about Josh Ravin

Not a great weather night all around, as Louisville's game was rained out too.  They're playing a doubleheader tomorrow, and Matt Maloney will still get his first start in the second game against Aaron Laffey.  Ramon Ramirez will start the first game against an old friend, the Saarlooser, first pitch is 6:15.  Here's what the teams that played did last night:

  • Lucky for us, the rain must not have been too bad in Mississippi, and the Mudcats won in comeback fashion 5-4.  Travis Wood started the game for the Cats, and went 3 1/3 innings giving up one hit and walking 5.  Up next:  Jordan Smith takes the hill for game 3 of the series tomorrow night at 8:05.
  • No rain in Florida tonight either, as the S-Reds lose a close one to St. Lucie 6-3.  Yonder was 1-for-4 with a double, and former position player Jerry Gil pitched 2 innings.  Other than that, it looks like we didn't miss much.  Up next: Game 3 of 4 in St. Lucie, first pitch at 4:00.
  • Even though it rained in Cincy and Louisville, somehow Dayton managed to stay dry, which was a good thing for the Dragons as they pulled off a 6-1 win.  This was anchored by Josh Ravin's fantastic start, as Ravin pitched 6 scoreless innings, giving up 3 hits and a walk, striking out 3.  Aguido Gonzalez pitched a perfect 9th for the Dragons (striking out the side!), and the offense started to click as well, with David Sappelt, Kyle Day, Jose Gualdron, and Jordan Wideman helping out with 2 hits each.  Tyler Stovall was 0-for-4 in his first start in LF.  Up next: Curtis Partch goes for the Dragons to win the series, starting at 7:00.