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New Cool Stuff at Red Reporter/SB Nation

If you are a bit of an insomniac and can't go an hour without checking for Reds news on Red Reporter, you may have noticed that the site was down for a bit this morning.  Sorry about that, but believe me, it was for some cool changes.  The first thing you'll probably see more of on the site is images.  SB Nation has procured us a nice little set of AP Photos that we have full, legitimate use of.  But that's just going to make the site look prettier.  There is also some other cool stuff that has been added, such as:

A new league page with quick access to information about each team plus a schedule of games, including links to game roundups so you can easily find threads from any site that talk about a specific game.

New team pages, where you can easily find all of the stories around SB Nation that have been tagged with a specific team name.  On the team pages you'll also find links to a schedule, roster, and team stats as they become available.

New player pages, where you'll again find all of the stories that link to a specific player.  Also on those pages you'll see career stats by season, a small scouting report, honors and awards that the player has received, as well as a list of transactions/injuries/suspensions involving that player.  Some really cool stuff, if you ask me.

The SB Nation crew has really put some great features together for us to use.  And I know not everything always works perfectly, but I ask you to be patient as they truly are working hard to get things in tip-top shape.  And for those of you waiting anxiously for better mobile usage, they let us know that mobile browsing is a top priority for them now.  So, hopefully we'll see more functionality there in the near future.  Until then, try using the mobile site at  It won't give you the ability to comment, but it may make it easier for you to browse the site from your phone.