Reds bring value menu to GABP


This is really great, if you ask me. $5 tickets are back after being removed last season. Also, some affordable food: $1 Menu Items (sold at two concessions stands, one in the Fan Zone and one on the first base side View Level) • $1 hot dog • $1 12 oz. Coca-Cola sodas • $1 bag of peanuts • $1 ice cream cup • $1 Redlegs French Chew taffy Additional Value Menu items also include: • $5 14 oz. draft beer (sold at all beer stands except in club and suite levels) • $7 adult value meal (regular hot dog, 16 oz. Coca-Cola soda and small chips or snack) • $5 kids value meal (kids hot dog, small Coca-Cola soda, snack and baseball card) The $7 adult value meals are available at 18 locations and the $5 kids meal will be available at 10 locations. It'd be nice if this stuff was available throughout the park, but hey, there's nothing wrong with adding some affordable features to draw more fans to the park.