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Spring Game 25 Thread: Red Sox at Reds

MLB Florida and Arizona Spring Training - SB Nation

Not only am I tired of the Reds playing games that don't mean anything, but I'm tired of them playing them against the same teams all of the time.  At least this time the Red Sox brought a decent lineup to beat up on the Reds.

Johnny Cueto toes the rubber today.  His control has been outstanding this Spring with just 3 walks in 19.2 innings total (including WBC innings).  He's also yet to allow a home runs in a Reds game (not sure about his scrimmage game with the D.R.).  These two facts are very exciting.  I hope it's a sign of what's to come this season for Cueto.  This pitching staff has me aroused.

Clay Buchholz takes the mound for the Red Sox.  He's like Johnny Cueto but better because he plays for the Red Sox and he's thrown a no-hitter.

See the lineups after the jump.


Boston Red Sox @ Cincinnati Reds

03/25/09 1:05 PM EDT

Boston Red Sox
cincinnati Reds
Jason Bay - LF
Willy Taveras - CF
Dustin Pedroia - 2B
Jeff Keppinger - 2B
JD Drew - RF
Joey Votto - 1B
Kevin Youkilis - 1B
Adam Rosales - 3B
Mike Lowell - 3B
Jay Bruce - RF
Jason Varitek
Ramon Hernandez - C
Chip Ambres - CF
Chris Dickerson - LF
Argenis Diaz - SS
Paul Janish - SS
Clay Buchholz - P
Johnny Cueto - P

Game time is 1:05pm.  Only two more games that aren't on the radio and then after that they'll be on for the rest of the year! Gameday, if you please.