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If I could just have a few minutes of your time for this survey...

I'm trying to work myself back into my normal routine.  I'm guessing that I won't be back to full speed until next week, but during my time away, I've been thinking about what I want to do with the site.  Before I get to working on my ideas though, I'd like to find out some of your thoughts first.  So, if you wouldn't mind taking a minute out of your day and filling out the survey that you'll find after the jump, I'd greatly appreciate it.

The survey is completely anonymous, so please be as honest as possible.  It's only 10 questions, so it shouldn't take you more than a minute, but it would really help me to understand what you like and don't like about Red Reporter.  Hopefully this will help me to build a site that is more interesting to you, which is ultimately what is important.

Thanks for your help with this.  There are no prizes, except for the joy you'll receive in filling out checkboxes and radio buttons.

The survey has been closed. Thanks for participating!