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RR Weekend Project: The Red Reporter Companion Guide

As typically happens when a new season starts, we will likely get an influx of new readers and contributors to the site as we get closer to Opening Day.  Since this community is so well-developed and tight-knit, it can be hard to decipher some of what is said by the regulars, and I'm not even talking about Madville here. What I'd like to do is make a quick reference guide of things new readers should know to help get them up to speed on being a Red Reporter.  This will be somewhat like the wiki except that it will be hosted on RR and will not have the full story, just a brief explanation.  Think of it as a pocket glossary of RR inside jokes.

What I need from you is a list of the things that you think will be helpful to explain in this glossary.  It could be nicknames, frequent jokes, or other such tomfoolery.  I don't need the explanation (if I do, I'll ask), just a list of those items that will help get a new reader up to speed.  I will compile the list together and put it in a link in the sidebar.  We'll also attach the link to game threads for a while so that readers can get to it without leaving the action.  Thanks in advance for your help!