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Red Reposter: 2/24/2009

Some stuff you may or may not have seen in between searching for pictures of Lily Allen and Rashida Jones:

  • The Reds have a new pitching machine that is basically a pitching machine placed behind a large screen where a video pitcher goes through a motion.  It will eventually throw a variety of pitches and can even be programmed with different pitch sequences.  Pretty soon, my dreams will come true and robots will be playing baseball instead of these unpredictable humans with their emotions.
  • It looks like there really are only 3 pitchers are vying for the 5th starter spot: Homer Bailey, Micah Owings, and...wait for it...Nick Masset.  Yeah, um, awesome.
  • Speaking of Bailey, he had some injury issues this off-season.  Did he really say that he put the last stitch in himself?
  • Alex Gonzalez starts 2009 much like 2008.  He's sitting out the first week of exhibition games.
  • Fay's got lineups for today's intra-squad game, er, team workout in game conditions.  Not sure why you'd want them, but there you are.
  • Already thinking about next year?  How about a couple of pictures from Goodyear?
  • Hal McCoy has his gossip column up.  Read it to learn about spilled coffee, where players eat, and which lightning rods are no longer with the organization.

Thankfully, games start tomorrow in Port Charlotte!