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Could Joey Votto Be the Next Todd Helton?

I was tooling around B-Ref this morning and this really piqued my curiosity.  Helton is listed as Votto's top comp by age, but age comps aren't always that exciting (for instance, Johnny Cueto's top comp is Scott Scudder. Yuck).  But I compared Votto's first year+ to Helton's, and the eerie similarities are enough to write a good Goosebumps novel.

Helton had a cuppa in '97, playing 35 games as a 23 year old:  Votto came up in '07, playing 24 games as a 23 year old.  They both followed that up with stellar rookie years as 24 year olds, both placing second in NL ROY voting, both losing the award to a Cub. 

Not convinced yet?  Check out their batting lines through their age 24 seasons:

              OPS+  AVG  OBP  SLG  2B  3B  HR  R  RBI
Votto     124     .300  .367  .511   39  3     28  80 101
Helton  116     .310  .374  .523   39  2     30  91 108

Spooky, huh?