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Reds looking for new leaders

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AP writer Joe Kay took a look at what is obviously the Reds most pressing problem, lack of clubhouse leader:

A team brimming with youngsters -- Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Johnny Cueto -- is going to have to figure out who's willing to step up and try to lead the franchise out of its rut of eight straight losing seasons.

"We had guys like Griff and Dunn that had been leaders here for a long time," manager Dusty Baker said Tuesday, in a phone interview from his home in California. "Somebody or somebodies are going to evolve into new leaders on this team. I've always said that leaders are anointed by their peers, not appointed by me or somebody in the organization."

I thought this became Brandon Phillips's team once Dunn and Griffey were traded, but USAToday isn't so sure:

Brandon Phillips is 27 and has the credentials as a Gold Glove second baseman, but hasn't fully embraced the role of leader so far.

Is that the case, or is it a case that he hasn't been annointed by his peers yet?  I really don't know, but it sure seemed like he had been annointed by the local media after Dunn was dealt. 

So, who do you think it's gonna be?  Kay thinks it's too early for Bruce and Votto to step into that role, but I've always felt that leaders are born more than made.  I never thought Griffey and Dunn should have been considered the leader because neither seemed to relish the role. 

Phillips seems to be spirited enough to be an emotional leader, but will his teammates follow? 

Bruce seems very likeable and has the pedigree of someone of whom great things are expected, but can he pass those expectations on to his teammates?

Votto has quickly become the best offensive player on the team.  Will that translate into someone his teammates will follow?

What about one of the pitchers?  Should Aaron Harang or Bronson Arroyo step up and take the lead?

What do you think?