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Trade Target: Maicer Izturis

Ed Price at MLB Fanhouse is reporting this morning that the Angels could move infielder Maicer Izturis in a deal this off-season.  The 29-year old Izturis is a switch-hitter who has played a mix of 2B, SS, and 3B in his big league career and he's played all 3 fairly well defensively.  Offensively, he's a career .278/.343/.393 hitter, though his power has been slightly more developed over the last couple of seasons (he slugged .434 in 2009).  He shows decent, though not great patience (8.7% career walk rate), but he's only struck out in 11% of his plate appearances.  Since we know that he would bat 2nd for the Reds, it's nice to know that he gets on base at a good rate and that he handles the bat pretty well to be able to do the things that Dusty would ask him to do while batting 2nd.

His hitting projections for 2010 look solidly average (only have these two systems for Izturis so far):

Projection AVG OBP SLG wOBA
Bill James .283 .348 .392 .329
CHONE .279 .346 .394 .331

Compare that to Paul Janish:

Projection AVG OBP SLG wOBA
Bill James .223 .301 .319 .276
CHONE .237 .311 .350 .298
ZiPS .239 .310 .340

Janish's best projection still puts him about 15 runs offensively behind Izturis over 600 PA.  CHONE rates them both as +5 defensively, so an acquisition of Izturis would likely bring the Reds about a win and a half in 2010. 

I think Izturis is definitely somebody the Reds should pursue.  One-and-a-half WAR is not a huge amount, but Izturis will likely not make more than $2.5-3 million next season, so it would definitely be a cost-effective upgrade.  The question is what will the Reds have to give up.  Price says in his article that the Angels are looking for a corner outfielder and bullpen help.  I'm not sure if they'd have any interest in Jonny Gomes, and he's probably the most viable candidate as an outfield centerpiece to a deal. 

That means the Reds probably need to go the relief route.  Arthur Rhodes could be a potential candidate for dealing, and the money/contract situation would be similar (both players are free agents after 2010).  Given Rhodes' age, I think the Reds should be willing to give him up in a deal since he's a definite risk to have a big dropoff any day now.  I'd also consider Daniel Ray Herrera or Jared Burton available as part of a package.  And of course, if the Angels wanted to take Francisco Cordero's contract, I'm sure the Reds would even be willing to chip in a couple million to make it worth the effort.

What do you think?  Should the Reds pursue Izturis?  Do they have a package of players to get it done?

(h/t nycredsfan)