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Fan Projections: Get the Vote Out for Reds Players

I was just looking through the fan projections at FanGraphs and I noticed that only 4 Reds players have enough projections cast for them to qualify them for listing on FanGraphs projection page.  Looks like we need to do some ballot stuffing!

Here are the projections so far for the 4 qualifying players:

Joey Votto: .309/.396/.530 (.396 wOBA), 4.9 WAR
Jay Bruce: .269/.341/.495 (.358 wOBA), 3.2 WAR
Drew Stubbs: .265/.336/.385 (.330 wOBA), 2.5 WAR
Aaron Harang: 11-10, 4.20 ERA, 7.69 K/9, 2.34 BB/9, 3.0 WAR

Click any of the names to be taken to that player's projection edit page and you can enter a projection of your own. (NOTE: You need a FanGraphs account to create a projection. It's free and then don't hassle you at all, so don't fret!)

The reason that these guys all passed the voting threshold is because FanGraphs featured each of them at one time or another on their site.  In an attempt to boost the number of votes for some other players, here are direct links to the some of the projected starters for the Reds:

Brandon Phillips
Scott Rolen
Paul Janish
Wladimir Balentien
Chris Dickerson
Ryan Hanigan
Ramon Hernandez
Bronson Arroyo
Johnny Cueto
Homer Bailey

For many of you, this may be the last day of work this year.  You don't want to spend it doing actual work, do you?  Take some time and fill out these projections for players with your best guess as to how they will perform and let's see what kind of a team we've got on our hands right now. (Then again, that might just ruin our holiday cheer)