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Red Reposter - Back to Work After a Nice Long Weekend at the Feed Trough

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  • Lisa Winston at wrote a nice overview of the Reds' farm system
    The AAA team looks stacked next year, as the Reds have a ton of good prospects at the higher levels. The most interesting nugget in the article is that it looks like the Reds have already decided that Todd Frazier will play LF next season, with Chris Valaika at 2B and Zack Cozart at SS. Frazier is pretty clearly the best prospect among these guys, and we know he's played pretty much everywhere in previous seasons. There has been some discussion on the site recently about where Frazier should play. Did the Reds give up on him at SS too soon? Should he get more of a look at 2B? Is he a better option at 3B than Juan Francisco? Do you think LF is the right place for him?

  • Erik Manning at FanGraphs really likes the Reds defense
    He says he doesn't really like anything else about them, but he did promise he'd call.

  • Cliff Eastham at the Bleacher Report is passing out his report cards for the Reds
    and he gives Willy Taveras a "D". Grade inflation anyone?

  • FanGraphs is putting together Fan Projections
    We did something like this here last season, but here is your chance to project the Reds' performance on a site that serious people actually read.

  • UmpBump is putting together a series on team needs
    and they say the Reds #1 priority this offseason should be getting a time machine. It's the only way to get the team out from under the Francisco Cordero contract, which they say is the biggest hurdle in putting together a competitive team.

  • Another Fay Q & A
    "Q, from Andrew: What is the status of Bill Bray? Is he expected to be ready by the beginning of the season? Would the Reds break camp with three lefty relievers (Arthur Rhodes, Daniel Ray Herrera and Bray)?

    A: His Tommy John" surgery was May 19. That puts him on track to return by early May of this coming season. I would expect the Reds to be cautious with him, given his injury history."

  • The Hardball Times looks at the top baserunners of 2009
    Brandon Phillips comes in at number 6, and this is even without taking stolen bases into account. He also provides a link to the entire list for the league.

  • Red Reposter NEWS FROM HELL
    OMGReds passes along this luxurious piece of cheesecake. Remember the bimbo Pete Rose brought to the game late in the season? Turns out she's not a call girl (I know, surprised me too). She and Petey are going steady. And she is auditioning for Playboy.