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Happy Thanksgiving and We Have a Winner!

Happy Turkey Day everyone!  I hope today finds you with full bellies and happy families!  Be safe on the roads if you are traveling, and when it comes to eating turkey (or drinking Wild Turkey), know your limits!

We have a winner in our season long competition for the autographed copy of Joe Posnanski's book The Machine.  That winner is none other than long-time Red Reporter Caleb, who out-prognosticated all of you, especially in the playoffs, and took home the victory.  Congratulations Caleb, hopefully you haven't read the book already!  Even if you have, this is a copy signed by the author, so there's that. (The full results are after the jump)

For the rest of you, I give you the classic Turkey Drop scene from WKRP in Cincinnati.

Contestant Points
Caleb +19
BK +18
The Crushinator +18
iamwallaman +16
the hammer 14
c60 +8
cokane +8
Colts Homer +2
Madville +2
crolfer 0
NoahJ 0
joshuar9476 -1
obc2 -1
ben nevis -2
too much verity -2
gejoe -4
greg456 -4
KL Snow -6
teb7 -15
elcajonreds -15
backtocali -15
Red Menace -15
IndyRedsFan -16
Charlie Scrabbles -19
ken -22
jloons42 -17
Brian B -29
3 Fast 3 Furious -33